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Are you fed up with unsuccessfully trying to carry a concealed handgun comfortably and conveniently?

If you are, then you are like 90% of the concealed carry license holders in this country who do NOT carry their handgun every time they leave their home or business.

With the patented  Hide-It Holster, you can carry your handgun, Safely, Comfortably, Conveniently, and Discreetly. All without having to wear a jacket, or leaving your shirt untucked or carrying a fanny pack. In fact, you do not even have to wear a shirt. The Hide-It Holster takes all the work out of concealed carry. All you need are pants and a belt to be able to carry a concealed handgun. It doesn’t get any easier than that. If you are carrying any other way, then you are working too hard at it.

Hand made with fine quality leather, the Hide-It Holster allows the user to conceal almost any handgun that you would normally carry concealed, either revolvers or automatics,  from .25 to .45 calibers, all while looking unarmed! Your Handgun is BELOW the bend point of your waist and behind your pocket.

The unique design allows the holster to flex when you sit down as it conveniently rests on your thigh. Amazingly, this holster is comfortable even when sitting. Because of the design of the Hide-It Holster, it is easily drawn even while sitting.

The Hide-It Holster comes in brown or black leather, and for right or left-handed shooters.

You will love having the ability to carry a fully concealed handgun clipped below the waistband of your pants or shorts.

We suggest a modified cross draw carry, with the weak hand grasping the cell phone and pulling up just far enough to expose the gun’s handle, allowing you to draw it with your strong hand.

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